Cardio Training

The internet is awash with infomercials on cardio training equipment that promise unrealistic results. However, the only enjoyable and effective way to burn calories and shed unwanted pounds is embracing a customized cardio program. Such program should fit your physical capabilities and needs. It should also be designed with careful consideration of the cardio exercises that you enjoy, the intensity, frequency, and duration of doing them. At Physique Personal Trainers, we design cardio programs that enable our clients to achieve their goals. We offer the cardio training San Antonio Texas residents have always loved. Our cardio training improves lung and hearth health. We provide programs that include a wide range of aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises. Even performing these exercises for 30 minutes every day with the guidance of our trainer will help you achieve your desired results over time.

Cardio Training Explained

Cardio training can be defined as exercises that aim at developing the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular fitness is very important because it enhances the ability of the heart to pump oxygenated blood to different muscles. Generally, cardio training entails engaging in specific exercises at moderate, constant intensity levels for a given period. During this training, the cardiovascular system replenishes oxygen in the working muscles. Our cardio training program includes activities like jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, stair climbing, rope jumping, and rowing.

Why Enroll for Cardio Training?

Physique Personal Trainers offers cardio training that plays a crucial role in the performance and health of our clients. We offer training that leads to several metabolic changes. These include:
  • Improved cardiac output
  • Improved oxygen uptake
  • Enhanced blood flow to the active muscles
  • Decrease in sub-maximal respiratory rate
  • Enhanced thermoregulation
  • Low mortality rate
  • Reduced cardiovascular disease rate
  • Reduced body fat rate
  • Reduced colon cancer rate
Enrolling for cardio training with us will have a great impact on different aspects of your health. Call us to schedule consultation or to start your cardio training sessions in San Antonio Texas today!

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