Nutrition Guide

Physique Personal Trainers is a team that is familiar with nutritional basics of healthy diets. Essentially, we won’t put you on restrictive diets or embrace the newest nutritional fads. With us, you don’t have to undergo a radical change in behavior or feel overloaded with irrelevant and confusing information. Instead, we provide nutritional guidance that is focused on your long-term health and fitness. Our nutrition guidance is based on the fitness and health goals of our clients. For instance, if you want to lose weight, nutrition has a tremendous role to play in the achievement of this goal. And when it comes to personal training, up to 70% of your results can be based on your food intake. At Physique Personal Trainers, we design meal plans for our clients if necessary. We ensure that our meal plans work effectively for our clients depending on their needs. These plans are based on the foods that our clients love eating and they do not burden them. Using specific calculations, our nutritionists determine the right caloric intake, quality intake of nutrients, and caloric deficit. They also determine the right amount and time to eat. Thus, you eliminate guesswork from your training and come up with a plan that yields the desired results. To ensure that you eat healthily, we help you do the following:
  • Stick to nutrition basics- We approach nutrition in a more simplified manner by adhering to professional, nutritional guidelines and providing the necessary behavioral support.
  • Introduce sustainable changes- To ensure that you achieve long-term results we introduce sustainable nutritional changes in a careful and planned manner.
  • Pay attention to your eating habits- We come up with our clients’ eating habits profile. This is basically a lifestyle and nutrition profile that enables us to determine the changes required to achieve the desired health and fitness results.
Essentially, Physique Personal Trainers builds its nutrition guide on a firm nutrition foundation with an aim of ensuring that your personal training program is successful.