Personal Assessments

To achieve health and fitness goals, personal assessment s play a very important role. In fact, personal assessment should be done before designing an effective exercise program, nutrition plan, or cardio plan. It’s only with proper assessment that a plan that will yield the desired results can be designed. At Physique Personal Trainers, we perform regular assessments that enable us to come up with training programs that yield results in a timely manner. We perform personal assessments to ensure that our clients start their training on the right footing in order to achieve their desired goals. Although initial personal assessments may seem unnecessary and tedious, they are critical. Their results indicate the current fitness and health status of our clients. We use the results of these assessments to design training programs that suit our clients. Essentially, the results of these assessments provide the baseline that trainers use to measure their progress.

What is covered by Personal Assessments?

Basically, personal assessment is aimed at enabling the personal trainer and the client to identify the major goals of fitness and health improvement. It evaluates:
  • Resting blood pressure and heart rate
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Body composition
  • Muscular endurance and strength
  • Flexibility
Basically, personal assessments measure health risks or indicators, movement quality, physical performance, and dietary concerns. This list is not exhaustive but the assessment is a gauge for the coach or trainer to measure your progress. Our personal trainers and clients discuss the personal assessment results in private. They also hold follow up consultation to discuss progress. It’s after personal assessment that fitness and health goals are established. A comprehensive program is also developed with an aim of enabling the client to achieve these goals. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or starting an exercise program, our personal assessments provide the information required to determine your status and chart the way forward. Contact us now to schedule personal assessment or to discuss personal training needs with experts.

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