Small Group Training

Fun Small Group Training in San Antonio

Small group training is offered by certified personal trainers with a focus on providing specialized strength training, core training and endurance training. This training provides amazing opportunities for individuals and groups to enhance their physical strength and performance. They also provide social interactions among group members. When you enroll for small group training with Physique Personal Trainers, you reserve a spot for training sessions. Our small groups have different numbers of individuals though they are mostly less than 10. Our personal trainers direct the progress of group members. We have training sessions with agreed session intervals and unique training styles. With our small group training, you get a chance to set your personal training goals, challenge your fitness and health, and decide your training frequency. We also provide a motivating environment for a small group and individualized support for participants. Our training focuses on building strength for the entire body, movement efficiency, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility among others.

Benefits of Small Group Training

Our small group training comes with numerous benefits. Major among them include:
  • Complimentary consultation that determines the health objectives of an individual while focusing on building a weekly schedule for achieving goals.
  • Individualized training and support in a motivating environment for a small group.
  • Progress monitoring and testing to take advantage of opportunities during training.
  • Online resources and communication strategies that connect actions with goals.
If you want to engage in higher-intensity work out, our small group training is ideal for you. We offer sessions that enable you to implement movements that challenge your muscular strength and athleticism further. These get you out of the strength and conditioning training routine that you are used to. We offer both progressive and ongoing drop-in models that allow group members the flexibility they desire. Call us to discuss your small group training needs or to sign up for small group training today!