Strength Conditioning

Strength Conditioning in San Antonio

Strength conditioning entails the use of exercise prescription to enhance athletic performance. It also helps athletes prevent injury while embracing the right sports mechanics. Basically, strength conditioning entails more than just lifting weight. It’s about enhancing holistic development of an athlete. This is crucial for enhanced physical performance. At Physique Personal Trainers, we offer customized strength conditioning programs on the basis of the needs of our clients. Our programs include speed, agility, plyometric, core stability and endurance. We help our clients improve their sport skills and performance with strength conditioning. Our mission is to provide collaborative and well-designed training programs on the basis of physiological principles.

Protocols of Our Strength Conditioning

To improve the performance of our clients, we make important observations that enable us to make training decisions. In most sports, athletes apply force to the ground. They also have to master their triple extension, that is, the knees, hips and ankles. What’s more, athletes are required to utilize and coordinate tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints in a full motion range and in an explosive way. Our strength conditioning includes protocols like movements screen, flexibility, plyometric, multi-directional speed, linear speed, reaction training, joint stability, reconditioning, power, and recovery. We provide training that increases work capacity in physical training, power and strength, agility and speed as well as functional flexibility and physical endurance.

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Strength and conditioning training improves athletic performance and physical function. These strength qualities differ between athletes and sports in the same field. That’s because athletes have different physical and technical strengths. Therefore, specific interventions are required to boost the performance of athletes. We measure and track strength qualities and provide strength and conditioning programs that enable our clients to achieve their goals. We provide training that boosts performance and endurance while decreasing the chances of injury. Call us to discuss your strength conditioning needs with experienced trainers today!